Preposterous is the New York Times publishing an article without even trying to attempt to contact its sources. No better than and similar low-brow internet blogs who republish and spin the honest journalistic efforts of USA Today’s Fredreka Schouten, who actually bothered to call me for comment. I cannot speak for SpacePAC.US but no attempt was made to reach me or my campaign in regards to this article and its broad assumptions. If they had, they would know how transparent this campaign has been and our position in relation to the super PAC.

Attack on Transparency

First of all, this is neither the beginning nor the end of money in politics. What this may be is the most transparent case of money in politics. Given the ability of private corporations and 501c4s to create and contribute to super PACs, and my family’s clear knowledge of the field, this is not an attack on political contributions, this is an attack on a precedent of transparency. Make no mistake, every effort is intentional, but not necessarily coordinated.

Instead of honoring an honest effort at being transparent, The New York Times has helped Rep. Bill ‘the birther’ Posey – R – FL look like he is a victim, when in fact his dark money dwarfs the contributions 13-1 that I have received. What isn’t new here are close relations giving to PACs, what is new is that for once they didn’t try and hide it.

Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

The writer claims that the idea the PAC operates independently is preposterous. Is this a direct insult? The opinion expressed believes and is attempting to perpetuate the idea that I am less capable than anyone who has ever been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If not a direct assault on my character then we must assume that anyone in one degree of separation from anyone with security clearance also knows those government, corporate, client or patient secrets? Should the SEC arrest anyone who ever traded a stock and knew a single employee of that corporation? Should the DOD repeal all security clearance for anyone with a parent, child or loved one, because it’s preposterous that they wouldn’t communicate that information?

Early Adapters of Technology

There is so much more to this story than a little campaign finance. A littler research into my family will uncover a great amount of fascinating information. What you will learn is that we are among a group known as early adopters of technology. A simple algorithm could have predicted this entire set of circumstances long ago. Looking back now, I think this course was set in action long before I was born, this is less of an anomaly and more of an inevitability. What is happening here, with, with can really be boiled down to fighting fire with fire.

On that more I will add that is is incredibly uncharacteristic of Martine Rothblatt to invest in a cause through nepotism or blind emotion. Dr. Rothblatt is a shrewd investor with a keen eye for emerging trends, that fact that I happen to be a relation, to anyone who knows her, shows just how deeply she believes in the cause and the opportunity, the person is irrelevant. As a relative and constituent, how much stronger of an insurance can one ask that a major supporter be doing so out of genuine belief in the candidate and not in return for favor?

What the Story Misses

I was a condidate for this seat for an entire year before filed with the FEC. In that time I personally collected over 5k petitions myself to earn my spot on the ballot. I stood outside tax collectors offices from 8am to 5pm without food, drink or using the restroom in most cases, testing my own resolve to do what this country needed. I listened to the concerns of my future constituents, which includes Martine Rothblatt, my after, who we all owe a debt of gratitude for her accomplishments in creating the satellite communications industry.

I’ve worked my way up from minimum wage at a plastic factory, to being a multi-state/facility manager. At the same time maintaining a marriage of 13 years and raising four children. I’ve lived a life of incredible diversity and have the experiences and perspectives needed to guide America through a tumultuous period of conundrums.

In this sting Republican district that includes NASA-KSC, America’s most vital space asset, for the last 20 years we have sent anti-science/women/environment candidates to congress. This process has been bolstered by the influx of dark monkey into the political system. is incredibly transparent, stating clearly on their website who, what, when, where and why. What kind of parents wouldn’t do everything in their means to see the child succeed? Is there some bit of information that was left out to show any evidence of coordination?

This isn’t about wealth buying influence, this is about humanity making an existential choice. This is about America being able to lead the human settlement of space. Unlike many of my peers whose goal is the security of membership in the House of Representatives. Congress is a sacrifice I am willing to accept to reach the higher goal of the first autonomous Republican in space.

New York Times Editorial Board, you owe me, my family, campaign staff and the American people an apology for this shortsighted and poorly judged piece. The tightening budgets of media outlets is no excuse to drop the ball on your civic and professional duty as journalists.