Every taxpayer would appreciate having a say in where their hard earned dollars are spent. Well, our questionnaire has made that possible. The people of District 8 have spoken, and this constantly updated tally shows you – and Gabriel – just where the community wants Washington to spend the citizens’ money. It’s never too late to add your voice to the tally. And rest assured, Gabe will be paying attention as he makes his way to Washington.

Health Care%11.6
National Defense%9.3
Veteran's Benefits%8.9
Income Security%9.9
World Affairs%7.3

Survey Answers(Averages)

1. Which of these National issues do you feel most affected by?
2. America is spending more on defense than the next 25 countries combined. Should the Department of Defense:
3. Which of these best reflect your position on America’s immigration policy?
4. America’s energy policy should:
5. Which healthcare philosophy best represents your stance:
6. Education in America should:
7. Women’s Rights/Abortion
8. Which of the following best represents your belief about taxation: