America has an exceptional history of people with great ideas rising seemingly out of nowhere to change our futures for the better. Look at Steve Jobs. Sacagawea. Cesar Chavez. Our best leaders emerge naturally from the people, with solutions for a better America. I believe government can do a lot to encourage these doers and makers. District 8 is packed with innovators from all walks of life who are building businesses and ideas that will make our country stronger. Have a look and see what you can do to help these entrepreneurs make a difference. Email us at to share your story or a story of someone you know.

Healthy Living Aquaponics
Aquaponics is the world’s most sustainable food production system. It is a delicately balanced ecosystem that creates the perfect symbiotic relationship between... Read More

Craig Technologies

Craig Technologies was awarded a prime contract from the United States Defense Information Technology Contracting Office to provide technical services to a Defense Information Systems Agency. Read More

Ideas for US

The IDEAS Movement will advance sustainability across communities and educational institutions throughout the world by providing people of all ages with the opportunity to address issues they find most pressing. Read More

Venture for America

VFA is a program for young, talented grads to spend two years in the trenches of a start-up with the goal that these graduates will become socialized and mobilized as entrepreneurs moving forward. Read More


We believe our products should be practical and purposeful. We believe to recycle gives purpose to creating our products. We believe in no waste; therefore our products are available in individual sizes. Read More

Chris Castro

Chris is an emerging social eco-preneur, public speaker, community organizer, and leader in the global sustainability movement with a passion for accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy. Read More


At Ford, they are going further by offering the power of choice with fuel efficient, eco-conscious vehicles. I want to celebrate American companies working hard with a faith in the future of this great nation. Read More

Who is putting food on the table of those devastated by cancer in our hometown? Whom can I turn to for help with medical bills, doctor co-pays, or chemotherapy treatments? The answer is not far. It is here, in your hometown. Read More

Prison Yoga Project

The goal of the Prison Yoga Project is to expand the practice of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation to prisons and rehabilitation facilities, and to provide training for Yoga instructors interested in teaching to at-risk... Read More


A non-profit community of technology entrepreneurs who banded together to share market information, business techniques and technological knowhow. Together the group has been able to give its members... Read More

Brevard Achievement Center
Brevard Achievement Center provides persons with disabilities innovative services and opportunities to achieve personal success. Capable, trained and dedicated employees... Read More


Surveillance Biometric Tracking Device, LLC. (“SBTD”) is an exciting start-up company operating in the newly emerging field of Tracking Devices. Incorporated in 2013 in the state of Florida... Read More


Codecraft Lab was built on the foundation that all kids deserve the opportunity to learn computer programming in a fun and interactive environment that allows them to express their creativity... Read More


Made In Space is laying the foundation for using additive manufacturing technologies (also known as 3D printing) to radically change the way we do space exploration today. Read More


Many have been searching for ways to uplift today’s urban youth and help them achieve a more promising future. We believe that one solution lies in connecting tech and social justice leaders to spearhead... Read More


is a practice embracing and utilizing the sexual energy we all possess. Courses at OneTaste teach you how to acknowledge the energy flowing through you, and then channel it into all areas of your life. Read More


Simply put, Humin is a replacement for the old phone app on your device. Think of it as a smarter, evolved phone that remembers everyone you meet in the way that you naturally think. Read More


ATK’s strategy is to build on our strong core businesses to transform ATK into a global aerospace, defense and commercial products company delivering affordable... Read More


Members of Cura Oceanus come from software engineering, systems engineering and video production backgrounds. Between us we have worked in almost... Read More


In our lifetime, humanity will not be able to sustain itself using conventional farming methods. We are leading the protein revolution with a new, environmentally... Read More