I have seen the economic future of the Space Coast,and that future is spelled “NewSpace”. The era of “Old Space”—government dominated space—is over. It is time for new leadership with new ideas. Join me…
I have seen the economic future of the Space Coast,
and that future is spelled “NewSpace”.

The era of “Old Space”—government dominated space—is over. It is time for new leadership with new ideas. It is time for leadership who understands how to link the best of government with the best of private industry. It is time for leadership who understands NewSpace.

I refuse to do nothing while job creating companies like SpaceX make plans to set up shop in other states. Florida has the infrastructure, people power, and vision to be the epicenter for NewSpace. Commercial space industry is poised for rapid growth. The time to act — to make sure that growth happens in Florida — is now.

I refuse to support a plan forced on NASA by other states to fly a rocket once every four years. In Congress I’ll support NASA’s SLS program, but I will oppose any further measures that move any portion of the program to other states, and I will advocate for bringing back the design and implementation portion of SLS jobs that have been sent elsewhere.

Florida needs somebody with vision … somebody with a plan for success. Our goal should be that Florida becomes the #1 commercial launch sites within 5 years. Our mantra should be “Launch Here, Launch Often.” I have a plan to achieve this and I will work hard on the following.

-Create a Space Port Authority at Cape Canaveral. Like sea ports and airports around the world, a Space Port Authority could streamline the process that private companies go through to get access to the existing infrastructure at the Cape. Right now companies are going elsewhere, and are even building new facilities because that is easier than utilizing Kennedy Space Center. We can and should change this right away.

- Fully fund NASA’s Commercial Crew program, which will foster partnerships between NASA and private space based companies. Congress has refused to fully fund this program, which is managed by the workers at NASA KSC for commercial crew flights out of Florida, and Bill Posey has been missing in action while other Members of Congress publicly attack Commercial Crew.

-Fund two competitors for the DARPA XS-1 Space Plane program and hold a competitive fly-off here in Florida. The XS-1’s goal is 10-10-10, which is to fly 10 times in 10 days to Mach 10.

In the near future, reusable space planes could launch daily out of Florida. Daily flights by space planes would generate tremendous economic growth for companies like Harris and Northrop Grumman, and create thousands of high-wage jobs right here in District 8. Space planes are the future of public and private space exploration. Someone is going to build them, somebody is going to launch them, and I say America should build and launch them here.

- The commercial space industry is a $180 billion dollar industry where we really can reach for the stars. With spaceplanes, the space industry will rapidly grow and soon become a trillion dollar per year business. Of course space includes telecommunication and national security imperatives, but the potential does not stop there. With the eventual goal of daily launches we will put an end to the climate change debate by building an affordable global constellation of Earth observation satellites that gives us far better climate data than we currently have. With space planes, American industry will launch constellations of satellites to bring internet to the two thirds of the global population without access. District 8 will become the gateway to transforming human civilization by providing access to the internet. This alone will have an enormous impact on global economic growth.

Space access is the bedrock of our local community. Frequent low-cost access to orbit is the key to our economic growth. We need a leader who understands this, who has a plan for growth, and is willing to fight for Florida. We need a leader who speaks to the imaginative spirit of a country to accomplish what others think is impossible. We need to launch here, launch now, and launch often. We must reclaim a future with good jobs and a great purpose for the Space Coast and we will.