I’ve seen the deterioration of government support and oversight of the Veterans Administration first hand – and I know that we can do better for the men and women who have given so much to protect our country, and the world. Both of my Grandfathers se... read more

There’s no dispute: health care is a basic human right. As your congressperson, I will fight to guarantee that everyone in America has access to quality health care, as outlined in The Patient Protection Affordable .. There’s no dispute: health care i... read more

I have seen the economic future of the Space Coast,and that future is spelled “NewSpace”. The era of “Old Space”—government dominated space—is over. It is time for new leadership with new ideas. Join me… I have seen the economic future o... read more

As your future Congressman, I pledge to carry your voice to Washington, every day, and make it heard. As an entrepreneur, husband, and father of four, I certainly know how to get results for The Space Coast of Florida.. My Dear Fellow Americans, As your f... read more